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Matthew A Seifnia has been in marketing and the international production industry for 19 years. A business owner, media consultant, and producer, Matthew’s distinctive experiences have allowed him to provide a unique and fresh perspective to any work in which he is involved. His passion for film and multimedia has led him to work in a wide range of fields from high fashion, media, to educational programs with animals and children.

Matthews’s involvement in production began in Europe, where he worked as a model for Versace, Valentino,  and Prada to name a few. Through his interactions in the modeling world, he became immersed in men’s wear development for luxury fashion brands such as Gianfranco Ferré, Valentino & Prada. Matthew was instrumental in design and production at every level for an Italian Sportswear brand MYY69, including graphic design, art direction and photography. He is largely sought after for his ability to communicate across multiple levels and departments.


More recently he was the Co-Founder of Project 35 Inc., a full service production company; developing online media content, documentary, and BTS. Beginning in 2005, Project 35 Inc. pioneered the trend, most notable for its achievement in the areas of video web development for top model agencies in North America. Previously non-existent, online model profiles have become industry standards in facilitating, casting and booking talent worldwide. Its client list includes Ford Models, Wilhelmina Models, Elite, NY/LA Model Management and IMG to name a few. In the areas of production, Project 35 Inc. has cast and produced commercial/editorial fashion shoots for widely recognized brands such as Wrangler Jeans Co and Ponds beauty products. In 2010, Matthew’s production experience led him to a role as co-producer of an upcoming Broadway play, “The Fabulous Lies of Hollywood Whores”.


Seifnia is a published graduate of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon with a degree in Biology. His dedication and talent for rescue and development was instrumental in new projects at Sea Life Park Hawaii. Five years as a marine mammal trainer resulted in new animal programs, which have since flourished to become widely used practices in the field of marine animal interaction. As a result of these developments, animals at Sea Life Park Hawaii have appeared in many Film and Television projects such as “50 First Dates”, Baywatch Hawaii, Pacific Blue, Natural Geographic “In the Wild - Dolphins with Robin Williams”, and many other travel host programs.

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